Where has Alan Carr's stamp rug gone?

Posted 30th September 2013

Where has Alan Carr's stamp rug gone?

Alan Carr and his Chatty Man TV show are known around the world for their flamboyance and sparkle. Throughout the seasons, the presenter's over-the-top personality has been reflected by his furniture and set design.

A highlight of the aforementioned set design is the 97p Stamp Rug which we have written about in previous articles and recieved numerous inquiries about.

Yet when we tuned into the current series, we were shocked and saddened to realise there was no sight of the Stamp Rug! The purple beauty had been dismissed of its duties.

The new and revamped set no longer reflects a regal purple ambience but has been brightened up with oranges and reds. In our opinion, the old design definitely tops the new.

It is a sad sad day for any furniture freak when one of your favourites is taken off your screens - and the purple 97p Stamp Rug was a definite favourite.

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