Office space with crazy objects found in them

Posted 19th December 2013 by Aaron Jones

Office space with crazy objects found in them

Since 2010 Base Furnishing have been filling office spaces with exciting table, chairs and light fixtures from our Office Furniture range.

Although our furnishing can be considered as attractive and cool, nothing we have ever installed is as bizarre as objects found in some offices up and down the country.

A list of the 10 strangests object found in workplaces was published on the BBC Magazine website, earlier this week. Here are a few of our favourites...

Beach huts at Man Bites Dog 

At Brighton based PR company Man Bites Dog its office has an indoor pier where beach huts double up as meeting rooms!

Sky ceiling at Virgin Money

The interior designers at Virgin took the well known saying "the sky's the limit" literally when creating the office area for Virgin Money.

Indoor slide at Ticketmaster 

Along with a slide, the offices of the online ticket firm include a jukebox, table football and pinball machine to encourage socialisation.


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