Verner Panton - The Panton Chair

Posted 5th September 2013 by Aaron Jones

Verner Panton - The Panton Chair

Verner Panton was one of Denmark's most influential furniture and interior designers of the 20th Century, and arguably of all time. Today is the fifteenth anniversary of his death.

During his life, Panton designed many magnificient furniture pieces - mainly chairs - including the Cone chair and Peacock chair. But is most famous furniture design is the chair that took his name; the Panton Chair.

The Panton Chair was created in 1960 and was the first moulded plastic chair. The S-shaped plastic chair is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Danish design.

Although the first model was created in 1960 (in collaboration with Dansk Akrylteknik), the chair was not produced until 1965. In 1968, the item went into mass production.

Since the mid-1960s the chair has been extremely popular due to its innovative and funky design. Amongst many other awards and acknowledgements, the chair was included in the 2006 Danish Culture Canon.

Due to its mass appeal - plus its sleek and curvaceous look - the Panton has acquired a cult following and has appeared in popular culture throughout the past 50 years. A naked Kate Moss appeared on top of the chair on the front of Vogue in January 1995.

The Panton Chair was initially known as the Panton S Chair. It forms part of the permanent collections of design museums including: New York's Museum of Modern Art, London's Design Museum, Berlin's German Historical Museum and Copenhagen's Danish Museum of Art & Design.

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