Furniture to brighten up the office

Posted 9th August 2013 by Aaron Jones

Furniture to brighten up the office

When you think of workplace furniture you think formal, practical and unimaginative. But why should it be? Surely, its in your employers interest to create an interesting environment you want to work in.

One way they can do just that is by filling it with furniture that will catch your attention and capture your imagination. We have spoken on this blog about the sheer brilliance of formal office furniture.

But another way you can add some character to your working environment is by including colourful item's amongst the ergonomics.

Just think - how fun and exciting it would be to greeted at work by one of the stamp rugs each day? The 9p Stamp Rug if you want to make a statement, or the 90p Stamp Rug for a little bit of subtlety, both below.

Orange 9p Stamp RugNavy 90p Stamp Rug

Although not designed specifically for the office, many design classic chairs can be found in workplaces up and down the country! Take for instance, the Series 7 Chair - a lightweight chair available in a number of different colourways. A favourite is yellow, below.

Yellow Series 7 Chair

So we have the flooring and the seating sorted. What about when you are at your desk? An eye-catching desk lamp could be just what you are looking for. Below, is a Pink Office Design Lamp which would perfectly fit into any office.

Pink Office Desktop Lamp

These are just a few ideas of how you can brighten up your office with some colour. We would be interested on how you do it or any ideas you may have. 

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