Furniture for Office Breakout Areas

Posted 29th July 2013 by Aaron Jones

Furniture for Office Breakout Areas

Rewind two years and breakout areas meant little to many businesses. However, nowadays, they are all the rage and a must-have for any company that pit themselves as trendy and on-the-button.

Breakout areas are sub-rooms or spaces within a meeting where employees can rest and discuss points in an informal manner and environment. It is the creative brain of the whole office and is very popular with media or art companies.

In keeping with this hip and forward-thinking revolution sweeping over UK workplaces, the choice of furniture filling these spaces are very important - and designer chairs and tables are the furniture pieces of choice.

It is very common to find a Corbusier or Bibendum armchair in these areas within an office environment, as both offer a comfortable yet stylish place to sit. Along with chairs, the Noguchi Coffee Table is a standard for many breakout areas.

Along with the obvious pluses it adds to your staff-morale, breakout areas can be brilliant additions to any office's interior design and connotes are company that are up-to-date.


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