Furniture themed Google Doodle for Thomas Chippendale

Posted 6th June 2013 by Aaron Jones

Furniture themed Google Doodle for Thomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale, the ground-breaking 18th century cabinet and furniture maker was honoured by Google yesterday as it would have been his 295th birthday.

Google created a doodle (pictured) in the Englishman's honour. It helped raise awareness of Chippendale's innovative work to yet another generation.

The furniture maker is viewed by many as the leading designer of the 18th century. He published his now iconic book, The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director in 1754.

His influence of furniture design then and now is so massive that the name Chippendale is often applied to mid-18th century as a whole.

His illustrious career continued until his death, delving into interior design and soft furnishings. Upon his death in 1779, his son Thomas carried on the business.

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