The IkeaBot: when technology meets furniture

Posted 17th May 2013 by Aaron Jones

The IkeaBot: when technology meets furniture

University students in the USA have created the IkeaBot; a robot capable of putting together Ikea furniture without any assistance from humans.

At the moment, the prototype robots have only cracked how to assemble a Lack table in around 10 minutes- but this new technology does represent endless possibilities.

The robots creators are students of MIT and are led by Ross A. Knepper.

Furniture is put together without Ikea instruction nor are the robots guided through the process. Instead, the autonomous bots analyse the original CAD drawings for the furniture.

The robots use a "geometric reasoning system" and "symbolic planner". All the parts are used and only one final outcome is available.

Maybe, in the near future, your own personal IkeaBot could be as easy to purchase as their flat-pack furniture.

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