The Mad Men Style is all in the Classic Furniture

Posted 4th December 2012 by Aaron Jones

The Mad Men Style is all in the Classic Furniture

AMC's Mad Men has been plaudited like no other TV show for it's attention to authenticity. A feature that has been fascinated over is the character's clothing. However, a true unsung hero of the Mad Men magic is the furnishings- it is a striking feature.

A Classic piece of furniture can be seen in almost every frame on the show.

Take for instance the set of the character Roger Sterling's office (main picture). Amongst the art-deco architecture and design, sits a beautifully stylish Florence Knoll three-seat sofa in cream- the pinnacle of luxury furnishings at the time.

Much of the set in Mad Men includes atleast one piece of Classic furniture from a well respected designer. I have included some frames below- if you like, try and guess what furniture Classics each contains.



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